Why I started this blog? 為什麼開始寫網誌呢?

English text followed by Chinese

The truth is that I have recently been through some of the major changes in life so now I have a lot of stories to write.

  • Quit my job and left the company where I worked for 5 years
  • Moved away from the country I was living for 10 years
  • Started living in the biggest city in the world in another continent as a housewife, a volunteer, and a student of the local language
  • Ended my long-term relationship and sold the house
  • Back to my homeland after being gone for 11 years
  • Sailed out for 4 months with Peace Boat as a volunteer
  • Began my new life yet in another country so I have to learn another language (again!)…

Luckily the series of events did not all happen at the same time. But my life seems to lack stability. Only that this is not new to me. I will write another chapter about that later.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed writing although the last time I had a blog was before 2008 during my exchange student years. I stopped blogging as I joined Facebook and because I felt quite occupied with my full-time job. However I never quit keeping my diary ever since I was 11 (maybe I should call it my journal as I don’t really write daily). This is a wonderful way for me to organize my thoughts, to reflect and internalize my learning.

In January, I told my brother that I am learning Spanish and have started looking for a job. He asked weather or not I have acknowledged these changes in life and let them sink in. It hit me…

Indeed time passed and the feeling of fulfillment at the end of the trip and the excitement about starting a new life have both faded away. I was left with the pressure thinking about it’s time to start the new life I wanted. I also talked about this with my roommate back on the boat. Now I am in Spain and she’s in Australia. It seemed that our journey did not come to an end and it was just another yet longer stop of Peace Boat.

So when is this trip going to end? Maybe the journey will only be finished technically when I get home. But then again, where is my home? I used to say that home is the place where love is. So aren’t I feeling at home now? Bingo! The truth is I am now at someone else’s home and I am no stranger to this feeling. It is easy to fall into the trap of making myself very little and feeling unimportant. Only it all takes time.

Another two months have passed, I feel much more at home now. I decided to widen by social circle by starting language exchange and tutoring. If fact all I want was to talk to people. Now that I feel calmer and things are more in place, I don’t necessarily have to push myself to go ahead anything. I would like to take a step back and look back on what happened to me. That’s why I started this blog. Some friends told me that I should write a book about my life so more people can read. Well…I write basically because I like it. If this could be of any use for other people that maybe they can feel or learn something through my stories, I would be even more happy. So leave a comment to let me know what you think about my article!

I plan to document my trip around the world, places I’ve been, things I’ve learned and people I got to know. Maybe you have seen some of my articles already. Later I would like to look back even further to write about my other stories.



  • 離開了工作5年多的公司
  • 搬離了住了10年的國家
  • 在另一個洲展開了家庭主婦、當志工、學習語言的生活
  • 結束了佔生命中三分之一的一段感情,房子也賣了
  • 在離家11年後,暫回到家鄉2個月
  • 在和平號遊輪上擔任志工,在海上航行了4個月
  • 再度踏上一個新的土地,展開新生活,學習另一個語言…


話說回來,我一直都很熱愛寫作,只是距離上次寫網誌有一段時間了(那時是在大學交換學生時期)。後來有了臉書Facebook工作也忙,也就不寫了。 反正自己也愛寫文章,平時寫寫日記 (不是天天寫,那應該叫雜記吧?!)。寫著寫著也從11歲開始寫到現在, 這是一個讓我心情沉澱、內化學習的好方法。


也和室友談過現在我在西班牙、她在澳洲,好像是和平號停靠的一站只不過停留的時間長了點,旅程好像並未結束。到底什麼時候旅行才算結束呢?應該要回到家才完結吧?但人生不就像個旅程嗎?我之前說有愛的地方就是家,現在不算在家嗎? 沒錯!我現在在的是別人家,又回到了寄人籬下的感覺。而我對這種感覺並不陌生,很容易陷入將自己縮小感覺自己不重要的假象。有機會再寫幾篇小時候的故事。



  • 和世界做朋友-系列
  • 一起環遊世界-系列
  • 讀萬卷書走千里路 當翻譯口譯的學習
  • 船上的活動
  • 船上的朋友們…


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