The UNSPOKEN TRUTH about Asian Racism 😥你是不是也受到歧視?

各種歧視背後其實是…What's Behind Discrimination, Racism, and Stereotypes? 你在國外是不是也有受到歧視的經驗?希望今天的文章能夠帶給你一些啟發,記得和身邊也覺得被歧視的人分享哦!這一集繼續和Fearless Passport的Yeeven談談我們在國外被歧視的故事,也會和你分享遇到不舒服的情況可以採用的實際應對方法。#asianlivesmatter​ #blacklivesmatter​ #alllivesmatter 這次也提供音檔、影片、章節,用聽的用看的都可以,想練習英文的人可以按照推薦的使用方式一步步增加吸收的程度。There’re audio, video, chapters. Feel free to choose the easiest way for you! 想要文字稿的,請留言告訴我 Let me know in the comment if you want to read the script. 學語言最有效的方式:Best Ways To Learn A Language 先聽幾次音頻或影片不要看字幕,速度可調慢之後閱讀下方文字稿再聽幾次最後跟著字幕看 Do not read the subtitles, listen to the audio a few … Continue reading The UNSPOKEN TRUTH about Asian Racism 😥你是不是也受到歧視?

Let’s learn from stereotypes! 由刻板印象學習雅量

I held an event about stereotypes on Peace Boat which got me into trouble, but I will talk about that in more detail later. Here I would just like to recap the event and share our ideas with a wider group of audience online. Our panelists are: ♀from Japan, studied in Germany and worked in … Continue reading Let’s learn from stereotypes! 由刻板印象學習雅量